TaboretSoft (Freeware)

Taboret2 is a chat platform developed by TaboretSoft in 2002. Used for chatting, this platform can also be used as an open source in programming software for chatting. This platform is among the earliest chat programs used by Polish chat rooms like

Taboret2 offers an enhanced user interface for chat users. Also designed for educational purposes, the developer made this application at no charge for individuals wishing to create their own chat platform with its fully customizable features. People with vision problems can use this program to zoom in to the interface, giving way to easy text reading while chatting. Furthermore, chatters who want to maintain their eyesight can adjust the font sizes for their comfort. The platform supports different chat elements utilized by other platforms. It has spell check feature, animation support, background windows, avatars, and others. Even with a number of supported features, the chat program retains speed that individuals require.

Creating a customized chat platform is also easy for new developers. The company included a special module in developing their own programs using T2Script. T2Script is a Polish programming language that lets users learn about the platform easily while assuring simple program development when used. This platform does not require other third party programs to make the final program run flawlessly.

Taboret2 flaunts its simple interface that works effectively for regular chatroom members and developers. With ease of use, the developers are confident in distributing this platform for entertainment and educational purposes.