TabManager 1.4.7

Bukkit Dev (Shareware)

TabManager works with Google Chrome browser and serves as an extension that may be used to manage and view tabs that have been opened. This is a handy tool that is also capable of managing pop- up windows to avoid confusion. TabManager also has facilities to sort, preview, and search no matter how many tabs there are.

TabManager allows the user to view tab icons, check out a number of details, and change the order of the layout. The key features of TabManager are as follows:
• Create and display windows and tabs
• Search tabs using the URL or the title
• Move tabs from one window to another
• Select tabs and delete them
• Pin tabs/Unpin tabs

TabManager also provides users a convenient way to search for specific tabs. This is possible with just a couple of steps. First, the user has to enter a word or phrase on the search field. After a short wait, tabs that have the search phrase or keyword are shown in the popup window.

This program has a new layout button that gives the user three options to choose from in terms of layout style: vertical, horizontal, and blocks. This additional feature assists in further organizing tabs.