TableScan Turbo

Zandry, LLC (Proprietary)

Zandry TableScan Turbo is a program that helps users find and select online poker tables. For players looking for a way to boost their chances of winning in poker matches, the program automatically scans various online poker database such as PokerTracker, PokerStrategy Elephant and Holdem Manager for data on the stakes the user has selected and wishes to play with. Once the data has been collected, it is displayed on an easy-to-read user interface to allow the user to select the table where he or she has the best chance of winning.

Tables with the most “fish”, a column shown in the user interface are generally considered to be better tables. The program delivers to the user, up to the minute information on which players are online, their statistics and what tables these users are currently playing on. Thus greatly aiding the user in making his or her decision as to which table they decide to play on. And, as TableScan Turbo only provides statistics on players, many online poker venues will allow its use. It is allowed on PokerStars’ list of acceptable user tools. Player statistics shown by the application include VPIP (voluntarily put money in pot), Aggression factor, Three Bet, Fold Three Bet, Four Bet, and many more. All these are neatly put into a spreadsheet-style display.