TablEdit 2.73

Matthieu Leschemelle (Shareware)

TablEdit, Tablature Editor is an application used in listening, creating, editing, and printing sheet music or tablature for a variety of instruments. TablEdit can manage a total of sixteen different instruments with strings that range from three to seven, such as the harmonica, violin, lute, bass, guitar, and mandolin.

In standard mode, the upper part of the screen displays the stave and the lower portion displays the tablature. Both portions display score limitations and features such as tab special effects, note duration details, and stave dynamics. Changes done in the stave are reflected in the tab and vice versa. Notes can both be inputted in both stave and tab. A mobile and scaled ruler also allows for easy score navigation and note placement. Tab proofing and tune familiarization are made easy by tab playback via a MIDI device, and musical notation and tab staves production and printing. Tabs that can be opened and imported by the program are MusicXML, Tabestry, Bucket O’ Tab, ABC, ASCII, TabRite, and MIDI files. Files may be exported to HTML, MIDI, RTF,WAV, LilyPond, or ASCII formats, and saved using TablEdit format. A chord builder allows for chord diagrams to be customized and edited, and duet and solo tablatures to be managed.