Table Tennis Pro 2

Grass Games (Freeware)

Table Tennis Pro is a PC game designed by Grass Games. It is based on the classical table tennis sport known as ping pong. It is played into four modes: individual or single-player mode, two-player mode, multiplayer mode, and tournament mode.

In a single player game, players can select the level of difficulty and choose an opponent. There are 31 artificial intelligence (AI) players to choose from. In a two-player mode, they play with their friends on the same or another computer. The multi-player mode can refer to different gamers online, while tournament can be played individually or with other players. They can compete with their friends on the same computer, on another computer, or with other gamers online.

In playing Table Tennis Pro, the main goal of players is to hit the ball back to the opponent’s side within the lines, and not stepping on the line or going beyond the line. They just have to left-click the mouse button to bat the ball, and right-click to toss the ball. It basically follows the rules of the sports table tennis or ping pong.

Table Tennis Pro also features the following:
• Easy-to-use interface with high quality visual effects and sound
• 3D environment – 12 playing rooms with multiple table surfaces, balls, nets, and stands
• Innovative control system
• Full control of power and spin
• Practice mode