T-Online Info-Cockpit

Deutsche Telekom AG, T-Com (Freeware)

T-Online Info-Cockpit is a browser application. This is considered as a sidebar application which appears on one side of the browser screen whenever a person is connected to the Internet. The sidebar function provides a comprehensive display for different types of data. When it comes to the T-Online version, people can view information on various categories including politics, sports, computer technology, entertainment, weather, and business. Whenever a particular feed is chosen with a click, the Internet user is then redirected to the T-Online site carrying the necessary data. This is a type of online software that has been developed by Deutsche Telekom AG, a German telecommunications company.

Basically, the T-Online Info-Cockpit application is seen to provide faster access to specific Internet sites under the T-Online network. It also provides users with access to different Internet services. There are multiple plugins that come with the application and all of these can be customized to provide users with the best services available. It can also be used to link email, shopping, and social networking websites for easier access. The chosen websites can be programmed to appear on the sidebar application and whenever the computer user needs to access these websites, all that is needed is for the designated icon to be clicked and page redirection happens in an instant.