T-Online Fotoservice

Deutsche Telekom AG (Proprietary)

T-Online Fotoservice is a software program that provides its users with access to an array of photo editing tools that will allow them to enhance their digital images, remove any unwanted imperfections from red eye to bubbles, and work on other forms of editing prior to the printing stage. Aside from picture editing tools, the program also comes equipped with templates and accompanying graphics that can be used to customize digital images even more. The same software can also be used to send the edited digital image files to the Fotoservice company for them to be printed onto canvas, picture books, mugs, calendars, and other forms of printed media.

Deutsche Telekom AG, a primary telecommunications company in Germany, is the brains behind T-Online Fotoservice. This is the software program used by the photo servicing website of Deutsche Telekom AG. It can be downloaded for usage with a personal computer or utilized while connected to the site. After the editing phase, which will be conducted by the client, the images can then be sent for printing. The client can choose the material on which the images will be printed on and after making a payment, the order will be placed and the company will then deliver the finished product to the client’s doorstep.