T-Online eMail

Deutsche Telekom AG, (Freeware)

T-Online eMail is an email program that is accessible to the public. This is an email engine that provides people with the ability to send and receive electronic mail to and from different sources. It is highly comparable to international email clients like Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, and Hotmail but serves a predominantly German clientele. It was created by Deutsche Telekom AG, a premier German Telecommunications company.

The email software program extends services covering email creation, formatting, editing, sending, and forwarding. There are different mailboxes that are provided to program users as well. An inbox with a large data capacity can be taken advantage of by those who create email accounts under T-Online eMail. Apart from this, folders for managing mail drafts, sent messages, spam messages, and temporarily deleted emails are also available. The user also has the ability to create new folders to store specific emails in for archiving purposes.

Although the software is generally similar to other email clients, this German developed client comes with added security for emails. All emails that are sent out from the client are encrypted to protect both sender and receiver from malicious data. The encryption support also increases protection for the email account holder by withholding relevant information like personal contact details should the client detect any problems on the recipient’s end.