SysWatch ® Enterprise

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SysWatch Enterprise establishes and maintains the integrity of enterprise systems. Its approach is to follow user-driven rules for file system and registry access, application activity, access to network resource and peripheral devices, and monitoring and logging actions. Working in the background, it gives users real-time secure access to corporate information resources and the Internet.

The security tool controls the launching and activity of the computer’s applications and system drivers.  It blocks zero-day threats and malicious or unintentionally counter-productive user activities. These manifest in the form of unauthorized accessing of a device or data, launching applications without approval, and other similar actions that contradict policies for corporate security. Using modules that foster centralized management of computer operations, SysWatch Enterprise helps make security administration more cost-effective.

The SysWatch Workstation is the main module for safeguarding the enterprise systems from any kind of hacker attack, unauthorized employee activity, and malware. The DLP Guard constantly monitors and logs all activity. It also generates forensic analysis reports, audit trails, and compliance.

To protect against threats, SysWatch Enterprise performs functions like the following:

• Blocks launching of new and hidden applications until administrator allows them to run
• Launches unknown or potentially threatening applications in a sandbox to prevent them from affecting the system
• Controls how various applications are allowed to access registry keys, files and folders, external drives, USB drives, and network resources.