System Tray Cleaner 4

Innovative Solutions (Freeware)

System Tray Cleaner is a simple utility that allows users to manage the icons that appear on the system tray, which is located on the lower right corner of the desktop. Plenty of programs add an icon on the system tray where users can easily access them. These icons may add to the time it takes for the computer to boot up, and some of them are not needed upon computer start up. The application helps the user clean up the system tray by removing the unneeded icons.

The program’s window has a simple interface that consists of checkboxes for different options. One checkbox is for notifying the user if there are new icons added to the system tray. The second checkbox enables the program to start during system startup. There is also another option that notifies users if there is a certain amount of items that have been added to the tray. The last option allows users to check for software updates.

System Tray Cleaner can also display information for the items on the system tray or for the programs that are currently running on the computer. The program is simple to use, even for novice computer users as there are no configurations that need to be changed.