System Speed Booster

System Speed Booster (Shareware)

System Speed Booster is a utility that optimizes a computer’s performance. It is used to fix errors in the system by scanning and cleaning up the registry from obsolete or corrupt entries.

The program offers a lot of features that ensure computer systems perform to their optimum. Users can view through the Home screen an overview and information about the program, which includes the date of the last scan it performed, as well as options on whether or not users want to turn on its automated scan and automated sweep.

Maintenance functions include: Registry Clean, which removes invalid entries in the registry; Privacy Sweep which clears the computer of Web surfing history as well as the records of use;  Junk Files Removal, as the name implies, removes unneeded files; and System Optimization helps in boosting the system’s performance.  

System Speed Booster has other utilities, namely: disk checker, disk cleaner, auto shutdown, cloned file cleaner, file pulverizer, startup manager, as well as a control panel and system information.

The utility is user-friendly, with a clear and uncluttered interface. Selections have short descriptions, which makes it easy to use. Installation is also uncomplicated, and users can immediately utilize its many features for a safer and optimized computing experience.