System Scheduler 4.23

Splinterware Software Solutions (Shareware)

System Scheduler is a tool that is intended for one main purpose and that is to schedule activities such as running of scripts, batch files, and applications, among others. This utility is ideal for users of TaskScheduler, MS Windows, and WinAT or AT commands since it is more flexible and has more features, too.

Essentially, this utility gives users the opportunity to launch applications unattended at specific schedules. In addition, it may also be used to send mouse clicks and key presses to said programs. A signal may also be sent via a closed window to terminate the running of the application. This utility is developed by Splinterware Software Solutions.

This program can be used for the following purposes:
• Set pop-up reminders for important appointments.
• Schedule tasks and reminders to run every minute, every hour, every day or every week and so on.
• Configure reminders with Snooze function.
• Send out scheduled email messages.
• Run events sequences

System Scheduler is a powerful utility that can be used to set and monitor programs to run during the course of the night while the user is asleep. It can also handle programs that need to run for extended periods of time such as over the weekend.