System Ninja

SingularLabs (Freeware)

System Ninja is a Windows system utility developed by SingularLabs. It is particularly designed for optimizing Windows by removing junk files, improving system speed, and fixing common Windows issues. The program includes a dual cleaning engine, which enables it to scan the entire system thoroughly. Its scanning process is based on heuristics and number of routines to make sure that all junk files are identified.

The program also includes a startup manager. This feature is used for selecting which applications are running when the computer starts up. The startup manager also supports Scheduled Tasks, RunOnce, and Run files as well as registry keys. It also includes a database of commonly-used startup items, which offers detailed information. This information can be used to decide which application is good to remove. The program also offers a process manager, which is used for managing all the processes running on the computer. It enables users to choose which processes to end or keep running. Batch processing is also possible with this feature. The program features the CleanSync function as well. This feature can download cleaning routines silently. System Ninja’s functionality can be extended using plugins. Some of the available plugins include the NinjaScript Editor, Registry Cleaner, and Windows Service Manager.