System Migration Assistant 6.0.010

Lenovo (Freeware)

Lenovo System Migration Assistant is a utility application that enables users to migrate their work environment from one computer to another. This application allows users to migrate the following: Operating system settings, such as desktop and network connectivity configurations, files and folders, customized application settings, such as web browser bookmarks, image viewing settings, media player settings, and editing preferences in word processing software. In addition to these, Lenovo System Migration Assistant can also migrate user profiles with its account type. This application allows users to migrate their files, folders, and settings to another computer without losing any data, or having to configure their computer settings and preferences from scratch. Lenovo System Migration Assistant has two types of migration modes: Typical and Custom. Typical migration allows users to transfer the desktop, printer, network, and application settings, as well as the user’s files and folders. Custom migration transfers all of the aforementioned settings, including directories, and user profiles for background users. Lenovo System Migration Assistant is a free application and works exclusively on laptop and notebook computers under the Lenovo brand name.

Lenovo System Migration Assistant features a simple, wizard-type user interface that automatically guides users in data migration using seven steps. Users must first select a migration mode then set whether the computer they are using is the target or source computer. Users may then select between direct PC-to-PC migrations or migrate files as a file. After selecting more preferences, users may then initiate the migration process. The amount of time needed to migrate files and settings depend on the size of the user’s files. Once the migration process is complete, Lenovo System Migration Assistant will notify the user by means of a dialog box.