System Information

Auslogics (Shareware)

System Information is an application that displays the computer’s hardware and software information. After installation, the program shows the user a summary of all the tasks and information that are displayed by the computer. The information shows the operating system, manufacturer, model, RAM, system type, and number of processor cores. Users can view more information about their system by clicking on ‘General’ at the left side of the main window.

System Information consists of three parts – Hardware, Software, and Advanced. Under Hardware, users can view information on different components, such as the CPU, motherboard, memory modules, hardware, input devices, and modems. Under the Software category, users can view the operating system, program installed, application errors, and information about the network. The Advanced portion shows the device manager, memory usage, and the system’s overall performance.

When viewing the information for the system, users can save a copy of the data by clicking on the ‘Save Report’ button located at the top portion of the window. This can be used as reference when upgrading the system. The information displayed by the application is mostly useful for advanced computer users. There is also a help file included with the program but the computer must be connected to the Internet, as all the help information is stored online.