System Explorer

Mister Group (Freeware)

System Explorer is a management program the computer. The application displays activity details on the computer including tasks, modules, startups, drivers, processes, and many more. Upon system startup, System Explorer gathers all the information. The interface is divided into fourteen parts, one for each of the portions that it monitors. These include tasks, processes, history, Windows, performance, and many more. Once a tab is clicked, all the details regarding the items are displayed. If more information is needed, users can easily right click on the item and get information from websites.

Users can access graphs of the usage for system resources. This makes monitoring of changes and processes running easier to see. The program is also capable of detecting suspicious files through the cloud file database, Jotti, or VirusTotal.

Apart from monitoring computer activities, the System Explore provides quick access buttons to several Windows Tools including services, task manager, defragmenter, and group policies. The shortcuts can be seen on the system tray.

Other features of System Explorer include the following:
Fast access to system information through Tray Icon Tooltip
Exploration of modules and security information
Access to internal and public IP address
Management of open files
Toolbar for one-click icons for major functions