Sysinternals ZoomIt 4.41

Sysinternals - (Shareware)

ZoomIt is an annotating and screen-zooming desktop utility developed by Sysinternals. It is specifically designed for presentations. It has four main functions – Zoom, Draw, Type and Timer. The program sits in the system tray. Its functions can be access either by right-clicking its system tray icon or through the hot keys. The default hot keys are used when the program runs the first time. However, these default keys can be customized at the Options dialog.

The Zoom function is used to zoom in and out any sections of the computer screen. There’s also a feature called LiveZoom, which can be used to zoom in an area while still having the ability to perform actions on the screen. For instance, when zooming in a word document using LiveZoom, users can still perform Word actions such as typing and formatting a document. The program can also be used to draw and type on the screen. The draw function works like Microsoft paint, wherein a pointer/pen is used for creating freehand sketches. The pen’s width and color can be changed. Aside from this, there’s also an option to create a straight line, rectangle and circle.  It is also possible to clear the screen and change it to a blank sketch pad. The Type function can be enabled when the Draw function is active. The only option available for this is changing the text font. The last function, Timer, changes the entire screen into a timer.