Sysinternals Whois 1.11

Sysinternals - (Freeware)

There are plenty of viable uses for the Internet. Some rely on this information gateway for work and school related projects while others use it for the purpose of leisure. Security is a very important thing when it comes to the Web and there is a tool that can help users by providing it with the information on website ownership. This tool can be found on the Sysinternals utilities suite and is called Sysinternals Whois.

Sysinternals Whois is part of the utilities suite that was created for Microsoft users to help them with any management or troubleshooting of their trusted Windows powered systems and programs. This application is pretty straightforward as it reveals the identity of a website owner should the user feel the need to check not only for security reasons but those of verification as well.

It is a standalone program so there is no need to download the entire suit to gain access to this particular tool. When installed a special toolbar button will appear on the online browsing interface that, once clicked, will show any ownership details for the website being browsed. There are instances when the tool will only provide the registered name of the site owner. There are times though, when permitted, when the site will also provide the domain owner’s identity and relevant ISP addresses.