Sysinternals Sync 2.0

Sysinternals (Shareware)

Windows-powered systems are extremely efficient when compared with other types of computers. These run Microsoft programs with ease but require certain tools for proper management and troubleshooting. Improved versions of these tools can be found in the Sysinternals suite which can be found online for downloading. One of the tools that can be used by those who regularly activate Microsoft programs includes the Sysinternals Sync application which increases the efficiency of the system.

What the Sysinternals Sync tool does is allow the user to access the file system data of a particular computer and then move all of these to a different drive. This can be a different storage drive on the same computer, one in a different network, or even an external USB hard disk. These files take up a significant amount of space but are necessary for the system’s continuous functioning. Moving them elsewhere will ensure that the user can still access them when needed but he prevents the system from crashing because of file or data overload.

The Sysinternals Sync application works with different Windows versions, old and new, and it still offers its users the ability of modifying file system data as often as they need to. It is a standalone program that can be downloaded separate from the Sysinternals suite.