Sysinternals Strings 2.52

Sysinternals (Shareware)

Unicode is a technological element that pertains to the international standard for different language and scripts used on computers. When it comes to Unicode, there are specific numeric values that are assigned to each letter or digit. This is applied to a number of different programs running on varying computing platforms. Most of the time Unicode data are embedded into files making them a hidden resource. This is where the Sysinternals Strings tool enters the picture.

Available in the Sysinternals suite of troubleshooting tools for Microsoft programs is the Sysinternals Strings tool which can exist as a standalone program. It allows the user, upon installation and activation, to easily scan the available files on a computer system. When a file is scanned, the Unicode text is identified and presented in a readable manner. It is compatible with a number of Windows formats including older versions like Windows 95.

The Sysinternals Strings tool scans files for Unicode text for as long as it satisfies the minimum length of 3 or more characters. Users can choose to scan and search via Unicode characters. It is also possible to scan using byte settings. If necessary, the user can also scan more than one file per executed command.