Sysinternals Streams 1.56

Sysinternals (Shareware)

For Microsoft programs, there are different tools used in the management element and improved versions of these tools can be found on the Sysinternals suite. One of the tools that can be accessed via the suite is called Sysinternals Streams. Its main purpose is to allow computer users to create, as necessary, multiple alternate data streams linked with existing programs on a computer system.

Alternate data streams allow computer users to create secured backup copies of existing data and store them in a single file for later access. Unlike traditional files that come with attributes and the primary data codes, alternates add a layer of security and two layers of alternate data codes. The latter also comes with an unnamed stream that can be deleted as needed. The additional data allow for keyword searches to be possible and also houses information on the user’s identity and the specific account that generated the file.

Also with the Sysinternals Streams application, a user can search for existing alternate streams connected with particular files or directories. These streams can then be edited, archived, or removed depending on the user’s prerogative. It is also a reliable tool when it comes to satisfying the need for retrieving undocumented data.