Sysinternals Sigcheck 2.1

Sysinternals - (Shareware)

One of the most commonly recurring issues that computer users have to deal with pertain to security verification and virus searches. There are different tools that have been created to resolve this particular problem. Especially when it comes to Microsoft programs and Windows systems, constant checks are necessary to prevent these from harming the system. There is a tool found in the Sysinternals suite of troubleshooting software that can help address such problems and it is called Sysinternals Sigcheck.

Operating at version 2.1 and compatible with Windows NT and newer, Sysinternals Sigcheck serves the purpose of heightening security checks on a particular computer. It works best when accessed from a local system but there are opportunities to execute commands from a remote network. When it comes to Sysinternals Sigcheck, it is a utility that provides users with pertinent file and site information which include digital signatures, file versions, certificates if any, and timestamps.

Apart from these, Sysinternals Sigcheck can also be expected to provide the user with access to VirusTotal which is a service that checks for any potential bugs and viruses in a particular file. In this case, multiple files can be scanned at one time. The system uses more than forty antivirus engines to search for threats. If the user chooses to do so, he can also use Sysinternals Sigcheck to upload an external virus scanning file that can be applied to the system.