Sysinternals Sdelete 1.61

Sysinternals (Shareware)

The Sysinternals suite is a program suite that includes a number of tools that can help Microsoft program users when it comes to the troubleshooting of active programs on their computer system. These tools can also be used to manage said programs from local or remote connections. One of the standalone programs that can be found on this collection of applications is called Sysinternals Sdelete. Its primary purpose is to allow users to safely delete programs without having to worry about certain portions of data being recovered into the system when a recovery command is executed.

Most files and programs that are installed on a computer can be deleted at some point in time. Usually, people delete files because they are no longer needed or because they are potentially harmful in the case of malware links. Computer systems traditionally store a part of the deleted file on the main hard disk for recovery just in case the user changes his mind later on. This is not ideal for harmful files that you would not want to be on your computer system.

Sysinternals Sdelete allows for the secure and permanent deletion of said files. When installed, the tool will offer the user an option to delete files permanently or not. If the former is chosen then all components of the program upon deletion will no longer exist in the hard disk.