Sysinternals RegDelNull 1.1

Sysinternals - (Shareware)

Different troubleshooting and program management tools are available in the Sysinternals suite and one of these tools is called Sysinternals RegDelNull. This serves as a specialized editing utility which allows for null registry keys to be deleted with ease. In Windows Registry, the registry keys can be compared to naming a file. A key is similar to a folder. Keys can exist under other keys. These are referred to as sub keys.

The Sysinternals RegDelNull serves the primary purpose of helping users manage any registry key problems that they may have focusing on the deletion of keys that contain null characters. When null characters are part of the registry key, they have the tendency of malfunctioning. Using the preset tools available for Microsoft programs, these null keys cannot easily be deleted. More often than not, they cannot be deleted at all and this is why you need the Sysinternals RegDelNull application. It can be considered as an upgrade to the usual or standard registry key editor.

Aside from the editing component, the same tool helps its users to search for null-character containing registry keys. When launched, the tool will start assessing available files and folders for these keys and then the user will be prompted to make all of the necessary edits.