Sysinternals PsSuspend

Sysinternals (Freeware)

Most computer systems can run multiple programs and can be accessed directly or remotely. When there are too many operations going on at one time the tendency is for computers to slow down and lose efficiency as more programs are run. There is a tool that is part of the Sysinternals utilities suite that can help its users suspend processes and then resume them when needed and this is called Sysinternals PsSuspend.

Sysinternals PsSuspend is an application that is available for download and is ideal for users of Microsoft programs. It is a tool that allows its users to check which programs are running at any particular moment, which of these are in use, and which of these are needed for later usage. Most programs run with licenses or permits, even those accessed online. It is easier to simply pause the program and suspend the permits rather than stop it completely and go through the entire verification when the program is needed.

Here, programs that are needed for later can be maintained on a system through the Sysinternals PsSuspend tool. It can be manipulated either through a local network or remote system if users cannot physically access a particular computer.