Sysinternals PsShutdown

Sysinternals - (Shareware)

One of the most important functions of Windows-powered systems is the shutdown feature which can be used on separate programs or applied to the entire system. There are problems that may arise when it comes to the shutdown element of a computer and the Sysinternals suite for Microsoft programs offer a handy tool for this. It can be found in the PsTools application subset and is called Sysinternals PsShutdown.

Sysinternals PsShutdown is a tool that offers assistance when it comes to the shutdown of applications that have been actively running for a certain period of time. The shutdown feature is triggered not only to pause or halt a particular program but also for the purpose of rebooting it when it fails to respond. This tool prevents the system from hanging by offering an external access solution to program shutdown.

It can work on local systems but can also be accessed via a remote connection. This means that users of the Sysinternals PsShutdown can log into a different computer to access another system belonging to the same network. The user can go as far as logging off the system completely or even locking the console or computer from other users which have not been verified or approved.