Sysinternals psservice

Sysinternals - (Shareware)

When managing Microsoft programs, it is best to use the improved series of tools that can be found on the Sysinternals suite. In this collection of troubleshooting applications, there is a smaller tools subset which is called PsTools and this is what Sysinternals PsService is a part of.

For Windows-powered systems, users can access a service viewer programs with the Sysinternals PsService tool. It also provides the user with a controller for the system. This particular application works with system information. When launched, the user will gain access to important information such as system status and configuration. The same tool can be used to manipulate these elements as needed. Apart from these, Sysinternals PsService also provides users with access to service dependency statistics informing them of the current reliability of the system given running programs and executed commands.

Users can also manipulate service setups with the Sysinternals PsService tool where they can choose to stop or pause a particular task. The service can also be resumed or restarted at will. When there are obstacles such as unpermitted account access, the same tool allows users to log in from a remote system with the help of a different series of account credentials. It is compatible with early versions of Windows and the newer Vista platform.