Sysinternals PsLoggedon

Sysinternals - (Shareware)

Troubleshooting and managing programs on a Microsoft-ready computer system is made easier with the Sysinternals suite. This collection of applications offers its users easy solutions to problems that normally arise when it comes to Windows powered programs. Some of the programs can be downloaded as standalone applications while others are part of subsets like PsTools which includes the Sysinternals PsLoggedon tool.

Sysinternals PsLoggedon is a tool that provides its users with information pertaining to people who are logged into a particular network. Although it also works for remote systems it is more effective when it comes to detecting active users on a local network. For as long as a user is registered in a certain system, the user, when the Sysinternals PsLoggedon tool is launched will know who are using what computers and which programs.

Aside from a list of active users, Sysinternals PsLoggedon can also provide a list of people who have logged onto the computer during a particular period of time. The user can also use this to check if specific users have been logged into the system. In this case, he simply has to input the registered username that he wishes to be searched. Users can also use this to identify the users that have used the system’s resources.