Sysinternals pslist

Sysinternals - (Shareware)

There are different programs that run on Windows platforms and Microsoft powered systems and these can easily be troubleshot and managed with the help of a series of tools found in the Sysinternals suite. When downloaded there are different tools that can be accessed by the user including the Sysinternals PsList application.

The main purpose of Sysinternals PsList is to provide users with a generated list of process statistics on demand. It is a command application that does not only dhow process information like memory details but also presents various performance related features. It is often considered as a monitoring tool which can be accessed through a physical unit or a remote system when necessary. To make things secure for the user the application will ask for a login name and password prior to remote access verification.

In general, Sysinternals PsList is a tool for performance monitoring. By showing the user what processes are being utilized, when they are executed, and which processors are responsible for the overall task execution, the user is able to understand how the system works and if it is functioning as efficiently as he desires. This particular tool works with various Windows platforms but works extremely well with Windows NT and 2K.