Sysinternals PsInfo

Sysinternals - (Shareware)

Microsoft programs are easy to manage and troubleshoot when the correct tools are available and accessible to users and this is what the Sysinternals suite is for. It is meant to provide a collection of tools to users which can be downloaded as standalone applications or a series of tools. The latter is applicable to the Sysinternals PsInfo program which can be found in the PsTools series download.

When it comes to the Sysinternals PsInfo application, it serves the purpose of gathering details about the computer system being used and the network that it is included in. It creates somewhat of a biography that showcases all of the relevant details that users have to know about their computer units. It functions well with Windows NT or Windows 2000 systems. Apart from basic information about the system, the tool also searches for and provides other pertinent details like the number and types of linked processors, memory capacity, installation processes, dates, and statuses, and program versions.

Especially when users require system details to check program compatibility features, Sysinternals PsInfo offers a variety of useful details in one click. When installed, it can be accessed via a local or remote network as preferred by the user.