Sysinternals PsFile

Sysinternals (Shareware)

The Sysinternals suite is a collection of tools that are meant to simplify the everyday Microsoft user’s troubleshooting and program management needs. There are several tools under this suite, one of which being the Sysinternals PsFile application. Although it is not a standalone program it can easily be accessed by downloading the entire PsTools element of the suite.

Available in version 1.02, it is a command tool that generates an active list of all programs under a particular computer system that have been opened, updated, or simply accessed in a given period. It can assess the activities of multiple computers in a network with one executed command and it also allows for remote computing access making things even easier for the program user.

Users can expect shortened or truncated path details when it comes to the Sysinternals PsFile though. It is best to execute the command in a physical computing system so that these complete details will be shown as they are not available when the tool is accessed via a remote unit. The good thing about this particular application is that apart from generating a list of activated programs it also allows the user to close any open application when deemed necessary.