SysInternals Portmon

Sysinternals (Freeware)

Depending on the type of computer being used, several ports may be available. If necessary these can also be made viable through external connections. Ports are important in computer systems but require regular monitoring to prevent viruses and corrupted file transfers and this is what the SysInternals Portmon tool from the Sysinternals suite is for.

One of the applications that can be found on this utilities suite for Windows systems is the SysInternals Portmon and it enables the tracking of port connections, necessary licensing, and system safety elements. One of the things that this tool provides to its users is access to data transfer displays. It is always helpful to know how much of a file has been sent and how much longer it will take for a transfer action to be completed. Aside from data sending it also shows whether or not these are being received by the system.

With the new version, users of the SysInternals Portmon can also expect an improved filtering capability, which means that data transfers are even safer than before. It assesses all port connections to see whether corruption exists and alerts the user on any sign of potential threat not only when it comes to the connection but also with regard to the specific files contained.