Sysinternals pkill

Sysinternals - (Shareware)

When users download the Microsoft Sysinternals suite, a series of tools for troubleshooting and managing base programs on the computer system, users will gain access to PsTools. PsTools is a collection of process tools and can also be downloaded as a standalone application. This mini collection of applications is where users will find Sysinternals PsKill which has the specific purpose of killing or terminating processes that are actively functioning.

This particular tool helps boost the efficiency of a system by allowing its user to remove any unnecessary processes on a particular system. Unlike other similar tools, Sysinternals PsKill is able to provide users with the ability to stop processes from both local and remote systems. This means that even without physical access to a certain computer or network it is possible for users to kill processes that have been deemed unnecessary at the time from external or mobile connections.

The thing about Sysinternals PsKill is that it is ideal for systems that run on Windows NT or Windows 2000 platforms. When launched, the interface will display the available options that are supported by the application. This is where the user can start his decision making process on which programs to terminate. A simple kill switch can then be triggered to execute the command.