Sysinternals Pendmoves 1.2

Sysinternals - (Freeware)

Troubleshooting and managing programs as well as utilities on a Windows powered computer is definitely easier thanks to the Sysinternals suite. This is a collection of tools that are meant to help the users of Microsoft programs. Sysinternals Pendmoves is one of the tools that can be found in this particular utilities suite and it was created to provide users with information as to what particular commands will be executed when they schedule their systems to be rebooted.

There are different commands that can be collated after a number of days of consistent computer usage. Some of these commands are for file renaming while others are for file deletion and program termination. When the system reboots all of the commands are deemed permanent if there are no backups and restore points generated prior to the rebooting. With the Sysinternals Pendmoves application all of these are listed down for the user’s reference. Should there be any action that he wants to change, he can do so before it formally takes effect.

Because the user already knows which commands will be executed, any change of heart can be accommodated without having to undergo the stress of backtracking and file recreation. The Sysinternals Pendmoves tool can be accessed when the suite is downloaded.