Sysinternals LogonSessions

Sysinternals (Shareware)

There are different tools that can be used to effectively manage a computer that runs Microsoft programs and is based on a Windows operating system. There are different versions to deal with but most tools are compatible with all of these including the ones that can be found in the downloadable Sysinternals suite. This suite houses multiple tools that can be relied on by users to manage and troubleshoot any problems with their system. One tool that can be found here is Sysinternals LogonSessions which acts as a standalone application.

Most people think that there can only be a single logon session at a time but multiple ones can happen side by side. Sometimes, multiple logons happen with purpose but other times it is purely accidental. When there are more than one access user logged into a system, chances are programs will run more slowly than desired. It is also possible for these programs to crash if the system is not able to handle the processes that are actively running. Sysinternals LogonSessions provides users with a generated list of all active sessions per given period.

When the list is generated, the user is given the information that can be used to identify which sessions require termination. It then gives the user a clearer view and understanding of the potential reason for system malfunction or inefficiency.