Sysinternals LiveKd

Sysinternals - (Shareware)

The Sysinternals suite is a series of tools available for Microsoft program users. It serves as an upgrade to the existing tools found in a Windows powered system and can be downloaded as an entire suite or as individual programs. One of the tools that can be found in the set is called Sysinternals LiveKd and it was originally created for the proprietary application Inside Windows 2000 CD.

When it comes to the Sysinternals LiveKd tool, it is basically a kernel debugger controller that functions effectively not only with Kd but also with Windbg. It is important though that these exist on a live system which means that they have to be accessed from a local computer and not a remote system. Kernel debuggers work by reducing a significant amount of defects, or bugs, in a particular program on the computer. Sysinternals LiveKd also offers additional features such as the ability to read kernel memory and write them as well.

The primary purpose of the Sysinternals LiveKd application is to allow its user to take a deeper look into the kernels of a program. This means that even crash dump elements can be accessed and removed as deemed necessary. Commands to remove potential threats can be done simultaneously or, if the user chooses, can be completed in one go.