Sysinternals Listdlls

Sysinternals (Shareware)

Different tools can be used to manage programs running on Windows systems under the Microsoft network. A collection of these tools can be found in the Sysinternals suite which also carries smaller tool groups that include the Sysinternals Listdlls application. It is a list generating program that focuses on the statistics of the different actively running processes on a particular computer in a certain network.

When it comes to the Sysinternals Listdlls tool, it can be executed to generate a list of active processes that end with the .exe extension. It can be downloaded as a standalone application and can be used to identify any process threads, memory threads, process details, and process trees at any given time. It is also a performance counter. In this case, it can be depended upon as a monitoring tool to see the efficiency of .exe programs and executable commands.

It functions best with Windows NT and 2K systems. Users can rely on the displayed statistics to know which processes are commonly used, which ones are rarely used, which ones run effectively, and which ones require rebooting or upgrading. It can be accessed using a local computer connection and it can also be commanded in a remote system.