Sysinternals Junction

Sysinternals - (Shareware)

There are different tools that are compatible with Windows powered systems and one suite is called Sysinternals. This is a collection of troubleshooting tools that are best used on Microsoft programs. There are different applications that can be accessed when this suite is downloaded, some of which can exist as standalone programs. One of these said programs is known as Sysinternals Junction.

Sysinternals Junction was created to help people establish command links among the programs in their computer. This makes it easier for them to execute a number of different commands without having to access each program separately. Program links or shortcuts are referred to as junctions hence the name Sysinternals Junction. It works by generating and syncing multiple NTFS points wherein symbolic directory links are created. These links serve as alternative aliases for existing programs. Having multiple aliases allow for different programs to have direct access over a variety of programs.

Traditionally, these points can only be accessed via a local system but Sysinternals Junction allows the user to take advantage of support connections for remote system sharing. Users can search for existing directory junctions. If the user chooses to do so, he can also create new junction points. These newly created points can also be deleted at a later time using this particular tool.