Sysinternals Handle 3.51

Sysinternals (Freeware)

Sysinternals is a utilities suite that functions with the Windows platform and was created for troubleshooting and managing Microsoft programs of different sorts. One of the tools that can be accessed via this suite is called Sysinternals Handle and it focuses on helping computer users know which files are running on the system regardless if these are in use or not.

It is quite similar to the traditional task manager because Sysinternals Handle detects the particular programs that are currently running on a computer on the time of the assessment. Aside from providing this bit of information it also tells the computer user which processor is responsible for running the task. With these details presented, the user has the ability to shift processes from the logical to the physical processor and vice versa to increase the speed of the computer when necessary.

Users are also given the ability to stop, close, or remove tasks and running programs that are currently not needed. This action will further increase the efficiency of the computer system. Sysinternals Handle carries additional features as it allows users to manually end and then restart a program that has stopped responding. It also creates a record of regularly used programs giving the user an idea of which elements are not in use and are possibly for deleting.