Sysinternals FindLinks 1.0

Sysinternals (Freeware)

Currently available in the unedited version is the Sysinternals FindLinks tool that is one of the many different utilities that can be found under the Sysinternals utilities suite available to Microsoft users and Windows running computer systems. It can be described as a link searching element for any files available on a particular hard drive.

The Sysinternals FindLinks works by finding alternate links or paths when people search for particular files on their computers. Not only does it make file location simpler but it makes the entire process faster. Because there are different links that are attached to a particular file, it prevents problems of lost or corrupted documents and the like saving its users a lot of time. The only requirement is that the alternate links connected with particular files have to exist on the same storage disk.

It does not only help users find links to their files. Sysinternals FindLinks also works by collating and allocating data points within a particular system. This means that it does not store multiple copies of the same file but indexes referencing components. By doing so, it does not flood the system with the same files over and over again. What it does is create trigger points for these files so that users get the complete data that they need when a certain piece of information is entered into the search parameters.