Sysinternals Du 1.5

Sysinternals - (Freeware)

Computer systems running on the Windows platform can depend on a series of utility programs that are collected under the Sysinternals suite applicable to Microsoft program users. There are different tools available under the suite including one called Sysinternals DU. DU stands for disk usage. Although there are similar tools available that provide basic disk volume information access, this particular tool focuses on information pertaining to the dependency of people on the disks that can be found running on their computers.

It works not only with internal hard drives but can also assess external ones when linked to the system. It is a complementary application to the disk mapping tool that can also be found on the suite. The Sysinternals DU provides details on how much a particular disk is used in terms of frequency. It also shows the user which programs have consistently been depending on a particular drive.

It is equipped with a directory-mapping element that makes it easier for people to know which programs run on which disks. In this case, it is simple to run an assessment as it works as simple as traditional search and scan programs. The user selects a particular directory and hits enter for the assessment to start.