Sysinternals diskextent 1.1

Sysinternals - (Freeware)

One of the many tools that can be found in the Sysinternals utilities suite available for Microsoft patrons is called Sysinternals Diskextent. It is a complementary program that serves to provide users with additional information with regard to their operating and processing systems.

There is a different tool that maps a computer’s processors. What this one does is map the disks and disk activity of the different drives that are linked with the computer system, internal or external. It provides users of the Windows platform with relevant information as to what files can be found in which disk. Apart from file location, people can also rely on Sysinternals Diskextent to know more about the size or capacity of available disks on a particular system. Not only will they know how much space they have but they will also be aware of how much space they have already consumed.

By having this type of information readily available, people will be able to manage their computers more efficiently. Efficiency will allow them to run more programs at a time without having to worry about the system crashing without warning. They will also be aware of which disks need de-clogging and which ones can handle the additional load of transferred files.