Sysinternals Debugview 4.81

Sysinternals (Freeware)

Sysinternals Debugview is a debugging utility developed by Sysinternals. It is used for monitoring debug output on local systems as well as any computer within a network that is reachable via TCP/IP. The application can display both Win32 and kernel-mode debug output. This function discards the need to use a debugger for catching debug outputs generated by device or application drivers.

The program is also capable of capturing kernel-mode DbgPrint, Win32 OutputDebugSTring, and all other variations of kernel-mode DbgPrint. Aside from this, the program can also extract kernel-mode debug output created before Windows dump files. It also offers features for managing and controlling debug output including support for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. It also features log-file rollover support, which provides long-running captures and makes it possible to create new log files every day. It also provides highlighting filters as well as log file wrapping.

Other features available in DebugView include:

• Switches – Users can specify the depth of history as well as the option to load log files via the command-line switches.
• Client Minimize-to-Tray – DebugView provides users the ability to launch and operate the client even when it is minimized in the tray.
• Client Global-Capture Option –the program is capable of capturing console Win32 debug output.
• Insert Comments – Users can also insert comments into the debug output via the menu items.