Sysinternals Clockres 2.0

Sysinternals (Freeware)

Sysinternals is a collection of utility programs that are ideal for those who are consistently reliant on various Microsoft applications. One of the tools that are accessible under the Sysinternals suit is called the Sysinternals Clockres which is an easy click-to-install element viable for XP and higher versions of the Windows platform.

Available in its most recently updated version, 2.0, it allows people to have access to one of the hidden components of the computer’s system clock which is its resolution settings. Depending on the computer system being used, there are different available formats for the system clock. This is the timer that can usually be seen on the bottom right hand corner of the desktop.

Aside from the traditional font style analog display it can also be programmed to be shown as a desktop clock interface. In this case, the Sysinternals Clockres tool allows its user to increase or decrease the brightness and contrast of the application. Instead of having to work with the adjustments of the primary desktop component it is now possible for people to adjust the resolution of the timer separately. Upon installation, an additional resolutions window will be added to the timer window with standard color, contrast, and display settings that can be manipulated.