Sysinternals Autologon

Sysinternals - (Freeware)

Sysinternals Autologon is a system utility that allows users to skip entering the name and password when logging in. Instead, the computer will use the credentials the user specified on the Autologon to automatically give access to the user. Please note that while this eliminates the need for the user to enter the name and password every time he logs in, this also eliminates the security check for anyone else who would like to open and pull information from the device.

Installing Sysinternals Autologon is simple. The user will need to download the file from the homepage, extract the program autologon.exe from the .zip file. Zip file means that the file has been compressed so as to use as little space on the computer as possible. Once the program file has been extracted, the user will just need to run it and agree to the license agreement. The user interface displays a space for the Username, Domain and Password, and buttons for Enable, Disable and About. Once the password and other details have been specified, he will need to click on Enable to facilitate encryption of the password. Once the computer has been rebooted, the user will notice that there is no login screen, since the automatic sign-in is enabled. Clicking on the Disable button on the same user interface will disable the auto login.