Outsim (Shareware)

SynthMaker is an audio programming application from Outsim. With this utility at hand, there is no need to write any code for creating virtual effects and instruments. Users can maximize the different features to create new sounds. This audio program’s outputs may be played as VST plugins or via MIDI during live performances.

SynthMaker by Outsim is a sound synthesizer that allows for experimentation. Users can maximize the available digital signal processing techniques presented by this application. This program offers advanced users with an extensive library. The basic or low-level signal processing components may be combined to form Modules. The modules can then be implemented in the development of more complex Modules. In addition, advanced users can make use of this music application’s features to write DSP code and the results become instantly available to them.

SynthMaker also allows for simultaneous creation of projects for those who have numerous commitments. The process is made quick and efficient with the help of a simple, graphical and intuitive user interface. In one window, this application presents users with GUI design, testing, and editing functions. The Toolbox is placed at the left-hand side and the Modules and Primitives can be located from there where they are divided into categories to facilitate a quick search.