Synkron 1.6.2

Matus Tomlein (Freeware)

Synkron is an application used to synchronize files on different computers. It is also used to synchronize files on different hard drives. The program can also sync files between a computer and a mobile device.

Synkron examines files and folders using their names, as well as the date they were last modified. The file with the latest date replaces the older one. The older file is not deleted, but moved to another folder so that it may be restored later if desired. The software provides a preview of the whole syncing process. This allows analysis of the syncing process before actually running it.

There are various ways of synchronizing folders in different computers. One way is to backup an entire folder to a copy of that folder in other computers. Another one is syncing more than 1 folder. The third way is to delete the original folder after it is synced with another folder. The last way is to combine multiple folders as one folder in the other computer. These functions are automated once the parameters are put in place. Syncing can also be scheduled. The programs “detect collision” feature issues notifications whenever the files have changed in both computers at the same time. This allows selections of copies which are kept.