syngo fastView

Siemens Medical Solutions, Department SW, Erlangen (Freeware)

syngo fastView is an application that enables users to view DICOM images that are used in the field of medicine to show MRI images and X-rays. It can be utilized on any computer running on Windows to open the DICOM images on or from a database or exchange media such a DVD or CD-ROM. It can also display the patient list from a directory and display images from different examinations or medical studies. Users can load images onto the application by double-clicking them or by dragging and dropping them onto the interface.

When a DVD or CD-ROM is inserted, this application automatically displays the DICOM data in the Patient Browser. The Patient browser also shows the different studies of a specific patient. Users can see the demographics of the loaded dataset in the Patient Info field. One of the features of this application is Movie Control, which can be used to display dynamic datasets and multiframes in realtime and movie modes. Users can select multiple datasets such as MRI images and display these simultaneously, resulting in a movie-like presentation. Double-clicking on a segment activates a Blow Up Mode so users can see a magnified portion. Double-clicking on it again restores it to the original size.

syngo fastView also lets users convert DICOM data into other formats such as AVI, JPEG, and BMP.