SyncThru™ Admin 5 v6

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Freeware)

SyncThru™ Admin 5 is a printer fleet management software that enables IT professionals to manage multiple printing devices. Users may also monitor and diagnose issues on multiple printers remotely using this program. It features a dashboard top-level view. It also features a drag and drop functionality. This program may be accessed through any compatible web browser on any Samsung device connected locally to the network.

SyncThru™ Admin 5 features a Device map plug-in that enables the user to organize printing devices based on their corresponding locations. This plug-in also enables users to create maps of the device locations. This program also features a Job Accounting plug-in. This allows the users to allocate costs and make costing analyses regarding any printing job. This helps lessen unauthorized printing jobs, allocate costs, and analyze printing jobs.

SyncThru™ Admin 5 graphical user interface features three main tabs for Dashboard, Devices, and Analysis and Reports. The last two tabs refer to the Device map and Job Accounting plug-ins mentioned before. The Dashboard is the default tab showing the Device status, Disconnected Device status, Consumables status, Usage status, and Oldest error devices. These are presented in a dashboard setup with each item having its own window. Users can also add other Dashboard items using the Add Item button on the far right. Users may also customize the Dashboard through the Dashboard Settings tab.