Synchronize It! 3 3.2

Grig Software (Shareware)

Synchronize It! 3 by Grig Software presents users with a variety of synchronization actions. For instance, this application can be used to synchronize and compare folders stored in one hard drive. Its primary function involves comparing a source folder and a target folder. It is also capable of performing the same functions on different computers and applying filters to the matched folders. This versatile utility is designed to implement different synchronization modes on FTP site and zip archives based on existing comparison rules.

Synchronize It! 3 is a powerful application with many other uses including CDRW verification and as a back-up tool. In addition, it can produce a printout of comparison results as well as HTML reports. This version is also equipped with a File search panel and allows for the addition of more command line switches. It is also designed to run unattended so that the user can attend to other pressing matters at home or in the workplace.

With Synchronize It! 3 users are given the means to determine the changes made to projects stored in a backup archive and retrieve certain files when the need arises. In terms of archive support this tool can compare, update, synchronize and create backup archives. All these functions may be implemented as well on non-connected PCs.